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Explanation of Swim levels (new LESSON offering plan):
Parent/Child Aquatot: (6months-3 years) The first swim class
Objective: Get child comfortable in the water using games and having the parents be there for support. 
Main Skills: Getting used to the water, blowing bubbles, kicking on your stomach and back, floating all is done with the parents help. 
Level Pre-1: Water Adjustment (3-4 years) Beginner
Objective: To introduce young swimmers to their first swimming experience (with no parent in the water).
Main Skills: Water entry/exit, bubbles, beginning kick and arm stroke.
Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills (4-5 years) Beginner
Objective: To help young swimmers to feel comfortable in the water.
Main Skills: submerge face, assisted front/back float and kicking, alternating arm action.
Level Pre-2: Introduction to Fundamental Aquatic Skills (Advanced Beginner)
Objective: To introduce swimmers to independent swimming.
Main Skills: Front/back float, glide, alternating arms, kicking & finning stroke on back.
Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills Endurance
Objective: To build endurance on fundamental skills.
Main Skills: Breath control, back finning, front/back crawl, elementary backstroke and treading water.
Level 3: Stroke Development
Objective: To build endurance and fundamental skills
Main Skills: Front crawl with rotary (side) breathing, survival floating, elementary backstroke, tread water and introduction to breaststroke, sidestroke and dolphin kicks.
Level 4: Stroke Improvement
Objective: To build endurance and coordinate all strokes
Main skills: Front/back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke and butterfly.
Level 5: Stroke Refinement
Objective: To refine all strokes
Main Skills: Front/back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, butterfly (added yardage).
Level 6: Fitness Swimmer
Objective: Swimming for fitness or competition, fundamentals of personal water safety.
Main Skills: Increase endurance on all strokes, open/flip turns, underwater pull and swim workout elements. Learn fundamentals of diving from starting blocks. Learn how to help self and safely assist others in trouble in or around water