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Meet Your Personal Trainer:

Alex is a full-time student at UW-Whitewater, majoring in Physical Education, with an emphasis in Health Education and Adapted Education. She also holds a degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Health Promotion. 

Alex has worked at WAFC for one year. She currently teaches cycling classes and is a personal trainer. Alex is certified as a group fitness instructor, cycling instructor and has personal trainer certification.

“I enjoy helping people stay healthy and fit,” Alex said. “Which is why I pursued an exercise science degree.” In addition to teaching at WAFC, Alex teaches land and water classes at the Burlington Pool and the Burlington Wellness Center.



April is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine, (NASM).  Her enthusiasm for becoming a CPT derived from her adventure in fitness over the years and a present need for a strong physical body due to health issues.  She is passionate about helping and caring for others and believes in developing a strong relationship with open and honest communication that is foundation to everything she does. April looks forward to pursuing other certifications to be an asset to those around her.


Hi, my name is Taylor and I am a fortunate to be a Personal Trainer at the WAFC! I am certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), which means I can work with a variety of populations, even athletes!! Whether it’s weight loss, gaining strength, improving explosive power/agility, or improving endurance, I have made it my mission to create tailored workouts and memorable sessions that will work toward achieving clientele goals. I am super passionate about fitness and helping others create lifelong healthy habits, and I look forward to working with you soon!






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