Meet Your Personal Trainer:

Alex is a full-time student at UW-Whitewater, majoring in Physical Education, with an emphasis in Health Education and Adapted Education. She also holds a degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Health Promotion. 

Alex has worked at WAFC for one year. She currently teaches cycling classes and is a personal trainer. Alex is certified as a group fitness instructor, cycling instructor and has personal trainer certification.

“I enjoy helping people stay healthy and fit,” Alex said. “Which is why I pursued an exercise science degree.” In addition to teaching at WAFC, Alex teaches land and water classes at the Burlington Pool and the Burlington Wellness Center.




April is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine, (NASM).  Her enthusiasm for becoming a CPT derived from her adventure in fitness over the years and a present need for a strong physical body due to health issues.  She is passionate about helping and caring for others and believes in developing a strong relationship with open and honest communication that is foundation to everything she does. April looks forward to pursuing other certifications to be an asset to those around her.