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Starin Park

Established in 1888, Starin Park is one of the oldest recognized parks in Wisconsin.  It houses the state's second oldest operating municipal water tower, which was built in 1889.  The park provided housing for veterans during and after WWII and hosts many celebrations and events.  It has a Veteran's War Memorial honnoring area service people.  The park is located at 504 W Starin Road.
Upgrades to the park adddressed safety concerns and modernized many aspects of the park in 2001.  In 2009, both park shelters were painted with financial assistance from the Whitewater Kiwanis.  An addition of equipment to the Starin Park playground was completed in the fall of 2009.  After 3 years of fundraising, construction started on Treyton's Field of Dreams in the fall of 2013.  The field features a synthetic turf infield and will be the signature field in the four field complex.

Cravath Lakefront Park

In the 1990's, the City of Whitewater opted to create an open space to encourage visitors to the downtown area.  The park is home to Cravath Lakefront Community Center, which was designed to resemble the nearby historic Whitewater Passenger Train Depot.   The park is located at 341 S Fremont Street.  The same land that was used for a dump site, oil tank storage, candle factory, and other industrial purposes in now a lakefront hosting celebrations, concerts, and weddings.
The park is home to events including Freeze Fest, 4th of July, and Pig in the Park.  In 2008, the Whitewater Arts Alliance worked with the community to provided the Cravath Lakefront Arch.  The arch depicts several historical elements of the Whitewater community.  In 2009, Whitewater Street was enhanced and the park benefited.  An additional 20 trees were planted in the park and decorative bumpouts were created to provide small picnic areas for visitors to enjoy the park.

Trippe Lake Park

Dedicated as a city park in 1958, the lake and park are named in honor of Dr. James and Rosepha Trippe, credited as being the founders of the city in 1839.  Trippe Lake was formed as a result of a dam that was constructed to power a sawmill.  Trippe Lake served as the swimming area for the city for many years.  The park is located at 407 S Wisconsin Street.  Trippe Lake Park is a popular local destination of anglers.  The park includes a free boat launch and an accessible fishing pier.  The sledding hill is a popular location during the winter months and Trippe Lake provides ample opportunities for ice fishing.  In 2009, the Trippe Lake Shelter was constructed.  The building includes accessible restrooms, an open air shelter with picnic tables, small kitchen with food prep area, and storage space for recreation programs.

Moraine View Park

Established in 2000, this 45 acre park is located adjacent to the Whitewater Technology Park and the Innovation Center.  The park itself is home to soccer fields, shared use path, the Community Garden, and the Whitewater Bark Park. The park is located at 1201 E Innovation Drive.  In 2008, a master plan for the park was completed and the development of the park began.  The Whitewater Soccer Club plays its games in the spring and fall at the park.

Effigy Mounds Preserve

One of the largest collections of effigy mounds in the country, numbering 12 to 15 is found within the park.  The mounds were built between 800 A.D. and 1200 A.D. The Whitewater Effigy Mounds Preserve is located at 288 S Indian Mound Parkway.  The oldest mounds are geometric shapes, and the more recent ones resemble animal shapes ranging in size from 60 to 300 feet.  Studies suggest that these mounds were a gathering place for several Midwestern Native American tribes.  Samuel Prince, Whitewater's first settler, built a log cabin in this area.  A preservation and maintenance plan was created in 2011 and can be found HERE.

Optimist Turtle Mound

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