After School Programs

 Please see below under registration for program details

The Whitewater Parks and Recreation Department will be offering After School programs from the first day of school in Fall 2020 until the last day of school in the Spring 2021. The program will take place at LINCS Elementary, Lakeview Elementary, and Washington Elementary. Each program site will receive an official name created and picked by the program participants. This program is for grades K-5.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, affordable and educational opportunity for the residents of Whitewater School District. All of our activities will be designed to meet the needs of the families participating in the After school program. We will provide a variety of activities from homework time, free play, exposure to enrichment parks and recreation programs, group games, and more. We will take advantage of the opportunity to develop socialization skills, cognitive growth, character, independence and a positive self image.


2021- 2022

The time has come to prepare for the 2021-2022 After School Program at Lakeview, Washington, and Lincoln Elementary. Below are some helpful tips and reminders to make registration easy and answer some basic questions.



  • Visit and register through Rec Desk
  • For an easy search: Please use the following beginning numbers in the search bar to find the particular school you need
    • Lakeview: 9130 & select each day needed. All of December 9130.00
    • Washington: 9140 & select each day needed. All of December 9140.00
    • Lincoln: 9150 & select each day needed. All of December 9150.00
  • You will need to click and select each and every date you need care. Please place all dates needed in your shopping cart and submit and pay at the end of your selections. To complete your transaction and save your spot, you will need to pay with a debit or credit card. You will receive a confirmation email from Rec Desk that your transaction took place. Your spot is then secure.
  • Deadlines:  To attend in December, you must register by November 10th. Any late registrations will be subject to a $25 late fee 

Inclement Weather Questions

As we approach months of questionable weather, it’s great to know our after school protocols. We follow the School Districts policy and judgements when it comes to weather cancellations.

  • If after school activities are canceled due to weather, our program is also canceled and you must pick up your participant at the dismissal bell. Please note there are no after school staff on site when this takes place, so you must be at the school for dismissal.
  • If school has early dismissal due to weather, our program is also canceled.
  • If school is completely canceled due to weather, our program is also canceled.

In the event of cancellations of weather, you will be credited the day you prepaid for. This credit will go back onto the payment method you used to pay tuition.

 Program Location & Cost

  • The program will take place at each Elementary school from 3:00pm (Release of school) – 6:00pm. Families are welcome to pick up anytime after 3:00pm with the latest pick up being 6:00pm.
  • The location within the schools will be the cafeteria
  • Pick up instructions will be sent at a later date for each specific location
  • The cost of the program is $10 daily and includes a snack.
  • Please be sure to print off your payment monthly, as this will be helpful at tax time


Fun Program Details

  • You have the ability to sign up for any and all days you need. There is no minimum or maximum that you need to attend
  • The program schedule includes: snack (provided by us), homework time, playground adventures, crafts, and group play.
  • The program will not take place on early release or non school days.


  • Program Cell Phone: 262-903-9533

  • The Program is located in the Cafeteria

  • Pick Up Tips: For After School Program Pick Up, please park in the staff parking lot located next to the small playground and sledding hill. The Outside Door leading into the Cafeteria will be the only door open for the school, please use this door to pick up your child.



  • Program Cell Phone: 262-473-9355

  • The Program is located in the Cafeteria

  • Pick Up Tips: For After School Program Pick Up, please park in the large school parking lot. Please use the sidewalk located next to the flag pole to access the side door closest to the cafeteria, this will be the only door open for the school.



  • Program Cell Phone: 262-903-9531

  • The Program is located in the Cafeteria

  • Pick Up Tips: For After School Program Pick Up, please park in the large school parking lot and use the front doors of the school.

 To inform the program of your child's absence, please leave a message on the location cell phone.
Washington Cell Phone: 262-903-9533
LINCS Cell Phone: 262-903-9531
Lakeview Cell Phone: 262-473-9355 

After School FAQ's


Q: Am I required to attend every day of the week?

A: No: You may sign up for any and as many days as you would like. You will receive a calendar every month that you can specifically mark the days you wish to attend.

Q: How many staff are at the Whitewater Parks & Recreation  After School Program?

A: We follow State guidelines and have at least a 10:1 child to staff ratio. There will also be two staff members every day even if there are less than 10 kids.

Q: What are the hours of the program and can I pick my child up early?

A: The after school program will conclude at 6:00pm. You can pick up your child at any point of the program with one fee.

Q: Is this program State Licensed?
A: The After School Program follows all state guidelines but is exempt from mandatory licenses and does so as a courtesy to keeping the cost lower to participants.
Q; This sounds great! Where do I sign up?

A: From this website, print off the Registration Form and Calendar with to turn into Michelle Dujardin. Forms and payment can be dropped off at City Hall Monday- Friday 8:00am -4:30pm on the second floor or mailed to 312 W. Whitewater St, Whitewater WI 53190.

Program Cost


The program fee structure is designed to offer an affordable program to all families. The daily fee is $10 per participant. 
Monthly payments are due every month on the 10th prior to the month you are signing up for; ie. September's calendar and payment are due on the 10th of August. To sign up, you must do all registrations online at